Ocean County League U10, U9, & U8 League Rules

FIFA rules will be followed with the following modifications as adopted by USYSA/NJSYSA/OCL for play.

1. Field

A. Dimensions- Length 70/80 FIFA rules will be followed with the following modifications adopted by USYSA/NJSYSA/OCL for play yards X 40/50 Yards 70X50 yards is recommended.

B. Markings- All fields will be properly lined.

C. Goals- 7' X 21'.

2. Ball

A. Size 4 ball will be used.

3. Number of players

A. Maximum players on the field at one time is eight (8) Minimum number of players to start a game is five (5)

B. Recommended roster size fourteen (14), however there is no limit

C. Substitutions may be made when your team has a throw in, during a goal kick, after a goal, after an injury stoppage by the referee, or at half time. The opposing team may also sub if the team with possession subs first.

D. Every player will play at least one half (1/2) of each game.

E. Mixed age must play up unless granted permission by the OCL.

F. Carded players are not permitted to play on an OCL team.

G. Players must be rostered to only one team

4. Equipment

A. Shin guards must be worn by all players no exceptions!

5. Referee

A. Referees are assigned and compensated by the Home Team. Each club should make every effort to use only certified referees. Abuse by coaches, spectators, parents, or players will not be tolerated, and should be reported to the club representative and league coordinator immediately. Referees should briefly explain calls to all players. Questions pertaining to any rule should be asked to referee prior to the start of any game.

6. Duration of Game

A. Teams will play two equal halves of 25 minutes with a 5minute break at half

7. Kicks

A. For the taking of all kicks the opposing team must be at least eight (8) yards away before the kick is taken.

8. Fouls and Misconduct

A. No slide tackling is allowed! The opposing team will be rewarded an indirect kick for a violation of this rule.

B. Cautions may be issued by the referee, and players repeatedly fouling may be removed from the game at the referee's discretion.

9. Spectators/Coaches

A. As of September 1996 all coaches must have obtained an F-license

B. No coaches or spectators are allowed behind the goal area and must stay on their side of the fields near mid field.

10. Scheduling

A. All games will be played as scheduled, if a postponement is necessary both coaches must inform their club rep by the Tuesday before. Only the Home representative can call Cancellations/Rainouts. Coaches will notify the opposing coach at least 1 hour prior to the game time. All postponed games must be made up as soon as possible.

FIFA RULES If a player is bleeding on the field, play will be stopped immediately regardless of advantage!