Practice / Game Preparation

Shin guards: Shin guards are mandatory during all scrimmages and games. Players will not be permitted to participate without shin guards and will be checked by the referees before each game. Shin guards must be worn on the inside of the socks.

Shoes: Sneakers or sport shoes. Baseball cleats are allowed, but the front cleat must be removed. Metal cleats are not allowed.

Pants/Shorts: Wind pants, sweat pants or shorts are suggested. Jeans are not allowed.

Soccer Ball: Clinic and Div. I Size 3

Div II Size 4

Div III Size 4

Kids should try to bring their own ball to practice.

Parent Drink/Snack Schedule: Parents should volunteer for the snack schedule. The parent snack schedule should be distributed before the first game to rotate the game drinks and snacks. Please bring healthy drinks (no soda) and snacks (e.g. fruit, vegetables, fruit snacks, crackers, cookies etc).

Other Useful Notes:

  • Bring water or other hydrating drinks for ALL games and ALL practices.
  • Earrings and jewelry should be removed for games and practices.
  • Hoodies, long zippers, exposed snaps or other clothing that can be hooked or caught should be avoided.
  • Dress the player appropriately for very cold or hot weather.
  • Long hair should be pulled up to avoid accidental pulling.